Thursday, July 21, 2011

The mine's canary revisited and other matters

I guess that I should update this blog just a bit more frequently, but my full-time job and my part-time nano startup enterprise (a nice product coming soon! ;-)) prevents me from mantaining it properly updated. Well, let's go to what interests us here.

Firstly, I updated the Arithmetic Speed Test to make it more useful for our goal: measuring someone's reaction times, that seems to be correlated with IQ and body health as a whole. I have eliminated the division operation and reduced the range of values (0 to 9) of the terms to measure more effectively reaction times.

I have found two interesting articles/sites supporting the correlation of the reaction time with IQ and health: the ability to respond quickly to circumstances is a far better gauge of longevity than blood pressure, exercise levels or weight, says this study. Though this study is an epidemiological one, it is on the side that the environmental brain's sensibility turns to be a good indicator of the organism's health. The other article presents the high correlation between reaction time and IQ as an argument in support of one general intelligence theory, citing Eysenck (1982): "IQ correlates very highly (.8 and above, without correction for attenuation) with tests which are essentially so simple, or even directly physiological that they can hardly be considered cognitive in the accepted sense".

Secondly, after reading about magnesium here, here and here, I'm taking supplementation in the form of magnesium glycinate (200mg daily aprox., in two doses). It works wonderfully! I'm more calm and relaxed yet focused, the effect is as clear as mineral water! :-)

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