Sunday, September 4, 2011

Results on my (almost) Paleo-diet

I've been on a paleo diet for about 5 months, and yet in this short length of time I have felt some great changes in myself:
  • The major perceptible difference was caused by the magnesium supplementation: my response to stressful situations is much less intense, I'm more calm. It's incredible. Really, the quality of my response to stress changed completely after I begin to supplementate with magnesium (with 260g mag/d, in 2xcaps 760g of magnesium glycinate, before and after bedtime);
  • Another great difference I felt was the elimination of inflammation: I had frequent ear inflammation. Now I don't have ear inflammation anymore, it was a great improvement! I suppose the reduction in omega-6 intake (vegetable oils), increases in nutrient density and reduction of toxins are the main causes. I've supplemented EPA and DHA (fish oil) before my changes in diet.
I don't think that my diet is perfect: to me, my today's diet is a plateau in a serie of continuous improvements. I'm measuring my blood glucose and my brain function to identify other changes to make. I'll take a regular blood test any other day.


  1. My diet:
    no sugar, no vegetable oils, no wheat flour, no refined carbohydrates, no trans fat, (almost) no processed food.

    Greens, beans, steak, fish, liver, vegetables, sweet potatoes, butter, kefir milk, eggs, nuts, fruits, coconut, coffee, (some) rice.

  2. Oi Ezer, Your diet looks much like mine. I'm glad it is working well for you.

    What other fats/oils do you use - coco, dende, lard, etc..? Is grass-fed meat easily available in Brasil as in Argentina?

    Saúde! Mike (EUA)

  3. Oi Mike,

    Thank you! How well is your diet working to you? What results have you achieved?

    For cooking, I use lard (rendered by myself) and butter. Coconut oil is selled here in Brasília (though it's unusual), but I'm going to try it someday. In salads, I use olive oil. I have cream in coffee and fermented cream with berries and nuts. Dendê is a great idea!

    Beef in Brazil is not labeled as 'grass-fed' or 'grain-fed'. I've never seen this. It seems that the most of (if not all) the brazilian beef is grass-fed, because of lower land prices. The dark side of it is that excessive deforestation is a big factor for lowering the prices. But I'm going to send an email to Brazil Department of Agriculture to confirm this information.

    Saúde to you too! I'm glad you like my blog :-)

  4. Bom dia Ezer,
    I have had excellent results with my diet. 15 months ago I started the process. I was having problems from alcohol, so the first step was to completely eliminate that. I wanted to have better general health, so I began working on my diet. I found the Weston A. Price group and ate similarly for about 6 months. No sugar; no processed foods, no seed oils/ include fermented dairy, butter, creme, bone broth…I also used a lot of coconut products and some soaked grains. I also was eating much fruit, especially papaya.
    I lost 16Kg very quickly (3-4 months). I have maintained my current ~ 22 BMI for nearly a year (tenho 53 anos). I am active at my job and I walk and bicycle, but I don’t go to the gym or run or exercise (except push-up and sit-up).
    Later, I cut back the grains and fruit, and I reduced the dairy. Currently, my eating is closer to paleo. Lots of vegetables and greens and sauerkraut (conhece chucrute?) and sweet potato. Beef and buffalo steak, heart and liver. Fish. I use beef tallow and red palm oil (dendê) for cooking. I add butter and olive oil after cooking. I use coconut oil more like a supplement.

    And now, tudo bem!!

    I’m fortunate that I know how to cook (I was a chef for many years). This is so important for healthy eating.

    Um abraço, Mike (EUA)

  5. That's interesting that beef where you are in Brazil is not labeled grass-fed or grain-fed.

    Here in the US I've seen "grass-fed" but it's hard to know what that means. It could still be a factory-farmed animal that was fed bales of hay. It could also be a cow that was pastured but fed grain at the end of its life to fatten it.

    It's funny how years ago eating beef from "corn-fed" cattle was supposed to be good.

    I also found your stress-reducing effect from magnesium interesting. It's not the first time I've heard it.