Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Traditional Brazilian Way of Eating

There is nothing more traditional in the brazilian cuisine than rice and beans*.

Rice and beans are eaten in everyday lunch, accompanied by some meat (beef, chicken, fish etc) and salads. It's normal to be accompanied by fried or boiled eggs, too. Despite the fact that the fast/junk food is replacing it more and more on the brazilian's table. Sadly.

Rice and beans on steroids. Yummy, it was delicious! :-)

In the photo above, we have rice and beans (more like beans and rice); "couve mineira" (slightly cooked collard greens and bacon), another traditional dish from Minas Gerais; "bife à rolê" (cooked steak with bacon, carrot and bell pepper inside), sliced tomatoes and arugula. And fresh orange juice.

In the next posts, I'll show that beans are a highly nutritious food, specially if adequately prepared and if consumed in combination with some other foods. In addition, I'm gonna post a simple but awesome recipe of brazilian beans (don't try it or you could be addicted to! I warned you.)

*Rice and beans are more traditional in Southeast and South regions of Brazil.

EDIT: The continuation of this post is here. Recipe included.


  1. Ezer, I love black beans, but I limit my carbs. One thing I love, though, is eating all the delicious pork bits that are cooked in black beans for 'feijoada'! And of course, accompanied by 'couve mineira' and 'torresminho'. Maybe even a sugarless 'caipirinha'...and a hammock afterwards ;)

  2. Hi Patricia! I love beans so much, but I try not to eat much of it in restaurants, because they use vegetable oils in cooking and don't prepare it properly (don't soak it). I don't have problems with the carbs itself (refined carbs and sugar are another story, wich I avoid), and beans are a gem of nutrition, wich I'll try to demonstrate in a next post. And yes, 'feijoada' + 'couve mineira' + 'torresminho' + hammock = Life is good! (i don't like 'caipirinha' that much) :-)

  3. That looks absolutely delicious! Look forward to the recipe.

  4. Any chance you can post an entire days worth of meals-

    I'm interested if eat 2 or 3 meals a day.

    Also, if you eat more fruit in the morning or night.

    Getting insight into another's way of eating is really interesting.

  5. Jen,

    I would love if you shared your impressions about the recipe, the taste etc :-)


    I can post my usual meals, if you don't mind that those are not so typical brazilian meals, except maybe the lunch (though I eat more eggs and vegetables and less rice than most of the brazilian people). Usually, I don't have breakfast, just because I get up in time to work and don't feel hunger. In the evening, tipically, I eat sweet potatoes with a lot of butter, and coffee and milk, and I have kefir plain or with fruit, nuts, coconut etc. If supplements count as food (though they aren't so tasty ;-)), I take 260g of magnesium (magnesium glycinate) and 2g fish oil, daily. When I snack, I usually eat some nuts (almonds, brazil nuts, pistacchios, cashews), smoothies (avocado, strawberries, bananas) and boiled eggs with olive oil and salt. I think that's it. :-)